Sustainability of Renewable Energy


Unlike the energy derived from fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources, clean energy is renewable. That’s because they are easily naturally replenished within a short period. Nonetheless, renewability isn’t enough for the world to embark on such a major paradigm shift.

Green power must have a certain level of social and economic sustainability for long-term benefits. These terms are diverse and can be complex. However, it means that we should be able to maintain the energy sources for a definite period. Knowing that they’re cost-effective, they should be economically sustainable and last for the foreseeable future.


Efforts to Scale and Accelerate Clean Energy

Honestly, only a few people in prominent leadership positions in the world are doing something about climate change and clean energy. However, for years, many people have made efforts to change the future of energy. They have done this using innovation to upscale clean energy and make it more accessible.

Some individuals and organizations believe that we haven’t made enough progress in reaching sustainability goals. Nevertheless, we have made steady growth from time to time. There are seven established critical technologies from the most recent International Energy Agency (IEA) tracking and progress report.

That doesn’t mean there’s significant breakthrough though, hence the need for a community of leaders working towards it. Technological advances and environmental awareness are the key drivers in this emerging transformation. Some policies can also help in accelerating energy innovation, and we categorize them as resource push and market pull.


Use Clean Energy

You don’t have to be an activist or policy advocate to make a difference. Making a personal move to use only renewable energy in your home and office goes a long way. You may or may not get the opportunity to influence others to join you, and that’s okay.

You can use any of the clean energy sources. However, solar is the most generally accessible, especially for homes and offices. It’s also easy to install, and most utility companies offer free installations with the package.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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