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  • Welcome to our community where energy, environmental, and sustainability leaders (current and aspiring) come together to network, share best practices, and success stories in the areas of research, communications, policies, and analysis. We are building a community of engaged leaders to advance solutions for a sustainable energy system, economy, and world.

KEY BUILDING BLOCKS [see more in “Mission” under the “About Our Group” Tab]

  • Attract LEADERS (current and aspiring) who are passionate about thinking, collaborating on, and seeking solutions to energy, environmental, and sustainability challenges;
  • Recruit (membership) talent from ALL generations, e.g., Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer, and World War II/Traditionalist to creatively innovate and address our current challenges;
  • Utilize on-line platforms and professional networking and educational events to CONNECT members on green job, business, research, professional development, and project opportunities to create sustainable solutions;
  • Provide forums for leaders in clean energy and sustainability to be heard by those aspiring to make similar IMPACTS; 
  • Open to ALL energy and sustainability solutions, e.g.,  technologies, policies, social innovation, etc;
  • Utilize systems thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our on-line discussions and monthly professional networking and education events span topics such as:

  • Clean energy
  • Renewable, fossil, nuclear, and energy storage technology
  • Energy and water issues
  • Green infrastructure
  • Biodiversity
  • Community and corporate sustainability
  • Project implementation
 Leaders in Energy includes:
  • an educational and professional networking events arm through “Leaders in Energy Partners LLC;”
  • tax exempt, 501-c-3 status for conducting non-profit clean energy and sustainability projects through Leaders in Energy, Inc.;
  • 2,850+ members in the Leaders in Energy Research, Communications, Policies & Analysis (LERCPA) LinkedIn group; and
  • on-line webinar sessions through Leaders in Energy Without Borders