Clean Energy Sources


There are a few clean energy sources that we know today. Some of them have become popular, and people use them in homes and offices worldwide. The most popular one is solar energy for obvious reasons. The advent of solar panels has made it easier to harness this energy source.

Bioenergy is also known as biomass energy. That’s because it’s derived from recently living organic matter, which is known as biomass. The biomass could be plant or algae-based, or even from food and wood waste materials. Hydropower is the usage of water to generate electricity. It was one of the premier sources of energy used for this purpose.

Wind energy is known to be a form of solar energy, and it makes use of turbines. They convert the kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy to serve different purposes, including electricity production.

Geothermal energy is from the heat in the earth’s sub-surface using pumps and power plants. They convert heat energy from the ground into steam, which transforms to generate electricity and other forms of energy. Other methods of providing renewable energy include the use of alternative fuel vehicles, smart grids, and energy efficiency and energy storage processes.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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