Climate change is a topic of discussion in many environmental conferences and seminars. Human activities attribute to the recent heat waves and natural calamities. 

Eco-friendly solutions are the simple things you do or use at home. You can do this in your small way.

Industries play a significant role in the promotion of clean energy. The fact that they emit more gases affects the ozone layer; they are given more focus.

Households also affect the environment; as minimal as it seems when they are looked at in totality, they are equivalent to tens of industries.

Characteristics of eco-friendly solutions

  • Puts less pressure on the use of natural resources
  • Easily recyclable
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Uses clean energy
  • High efficiency but uses less energy

Look around you; how do you save or destroy the environment? Are you part of the movement to make the environment safe and secure for the future generation?

Here are a few eco-friendly solutions you should use at home

Solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source which uses energy directly from the natural resource.

It’s renewable energy that you can replenish irrespective of the amount of energy you use on your appliance.

The things that we get naturally and can give use energy support the eco-friendly discussions.

At home, the use of solar energy is one environmentally friendly solution that we should all apart.

Although it’s expensive to install, it comes with numerous advantages. The clean energy source helps you to get light and also a water heater system.

If you are privileged to have a constant sunlight supply, then this is an eco-friendly solution to think of.

Other renewable energy sources include

  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Wave energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Geo power

It has minimal if not no carbon emitted in the atmosphere.

Power saving electric appliances

Electricity is a common power source in most modern homes. Did you know that the more power you use, the more pressure on the natural resource drives the turbines to produce electricity?

Therefore, if you are to help in environmental conservation, it’s important to try power-saving technologies to minimize the resources’ pressure.

Secondly, it also helps you to minimize bills allowing you to use the money for something better.

Imagine putting in security lights overnight with high-consumption power bulbs. If everyone is to do that, don’t you think we are indirectly interfering with the ozone layer?

Recycled products

Plastics products are common in our homes. After your grocery shopping, most of the packages are in plastic. How do you dispose of them?

Do you throw them anyhow to clog the natural water sources, including the environment? Where possible, you should minimize the use of plastics at home.

Here are a few ways to do this

  • Use a cloth bag for shopping to prevent plastic packaging
  • Do bulk shopping to minimize plastic packaging
  • Avoid plastic utensils; instead, use steel and glass- isn’t it classy?
  • Recycle plastic products to prevent buying in excess
  • Go for other options to avoid plastics like pegs, bags, etc

In cases where for some reason, you can’t avoid, it’s important to recycle.

Kitchen gardening

The demand for groceries comes as a result of less supply. That means large scale farmers have t try many ways to meet the demand.

Some of them include the use of growth hormones, fertilizers, and agricultural practices that are detrimental to the environment.

Why not start your kitchen garden to reduce this pressure? Your kitchen garden builds your creativity and also comes with numerous physical and emotional benefits.

Moreover, through evapotranspiration, clean air is released to the environment to counter the industrial waste.

Sustainable wood products

The mention of environmental conservation them trees is a must-talk about. The moment a tree is fell for charcoal or wood fuel or wooden designs made from sanders perfect for you, the environment suffers the ecological impact.

Although woodwork is fulfilling, why not use the skills and the wood tools like miter saws and look for a wide variety of jobs for the sake of environmental conservation?

As you admire your home, its design, and all that comes with it, have you saved the environment, or you could have done something better?

We can’t completely leave wood products in our home, but can we minimize their use? Why not got for metallic truss instead of wood?

Have you thought of reusing metallic curtain rods instead of wooden curtain boxes? Our homes have almost 70 percent of wood products.

Now that we have options, why not leave the trees to grow and complete the hydrological cycle?

The controversial climate change discussion is a collective responsibility of advocacy groups, homeowners, entrepreneurs, and the community. Do anything within your means at the household level. If every household does that, there will be an impact. We will have clean energy, and everyone will love and appreciate nature.