Our Team

JANINE FINNELL is the Executive Director & Clean Energy Ambassador for Leaders in Energy.  Janine has worked on domestic and international projects as a researcher, writer, communicator, policy analyst, and program manager.  She has consulted on energy alternatives, sustainable development policy mechanisms and education and outreach on clean energy technologies.   Her career experience includes working for the U.S. Agency for International Development as a Foreign Service Officer as well as for IBM and DynCorp International. At IBM she worked on projects including green supply chain and the development of an IT sustainability platform for businesses and consumers.  Her work has been published in professional journals and magazines including Elsevier Journal, Resource magazine (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers), Choices (American Society of Agricultural Economics) and the Cogeneration Journal (American Society of Agricultural Engineers).  She has a Masters from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Agricultural and Applied Economics (with a focus on international development and energy resource economics) and pursued Post Masters work at George Washington University in energy and environmental management and resource policy. She serves on the Board of the Association of Energy Engineer’s National Capital Chapter representing its Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL).

BILL BRANDON is the Chief Technology and Research Officer for Leaders in Energy. Bill is deeply engaged with the biofuels and materials industry and also has a deep understanding of engines and alternative fuels. His articles have been published in Biofuels USA, Biofuels Digest, and the Leaders in Energy blog. Bill’s present focus is on technology integration and deployment, urban and farm wastes to energy and vertical or City Farming. Bill is an architect by training and his design/build firm has been engaged in substantial residential additions and renovations in the DC metro area. His designs have incorporated aspects of building energy efficiency including early adapter status of passive solar, super insulation, underground structures and ground source heat pumps. Bill has also been engaged in furniture manufacturing, starting a molded plywood furniture business in Belize and it was there that he first became involved in bio-based products and bioenergy.




JEANNINE CURTIN assists the organization as an accomplished marketing professional who has twenty years of experience in creating and executing marketing communication programs. She has a proven track record utilizing persuasive writing techniques to successfully communicate a company’s vision and product effectiveness. She previously worked as a Marketing Consultant with Southern Company in Atlanta. Most recently, she taught a Global Climate Change class at her parish and volunteered with the Sierra Club in Alexandria. She is focused on content management, digital marketing, writing/editing and learning more about the energy industry. She has a Bachelors from New York University in Film and Television Communications.








BARBARA ENGLEHART is the Leaders in Energy Director of Business Sustainability and Principal of Englehart Consulting.  Barbara is a business sustainability consultant in the Washington DC region.  She implements solutions that are good for the planet with a business oriented approach.  She uses the same technology and program management skills that she used at Verizon and MCI to launch Voice over the Internet in Europe and build professional global network services.   Barbara also uses her financial skills acquired as a CPA at Arthur Anderson and a MBA at the UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.  In partnership with Northern VA Regional Commission, Barbara founded and runs the Northern Virginia (NoVA) Sustainability Network of local governments, universities, and large corporations, a group dedicated to advancing sustainability in Northern Virginia.  She is the chair of the Arlington Public School Sustainability Advisory Committee and adviser to the award winning Arlington Energy Master program.










EDIEANN FEIGLES is the Leaders in Energy Director of Business Development.  She is an accomplished business development professional with more than 15 years experience pursuing a wide range of projects in both the public and private arena on behalf of architectural and engineering firms, construction companies and commercial real estate development firms.  EdieAnn has developed an in-depth understanding of the complexity of projects from RFPs and RFQs to feasibility studies and conceptual design, master planning, and construction. Involvement in the early process of a wide variety of projects has enabled her to develop an understanding and the value of “pre-project” development creating working relationships and rapport with elected officials, government agencies, community groups and consultants that help facilitate the early success of a project.

Today, EdieAnn applies her experience and skills to spring board a career transition into the sustainable energy arena. She is currently working on strategic business plans, business development, and team creation with an international consultancy focused on assisting emerging markets develop sustainable energy practices through outreach and education, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and sustainable energy project development.

EdieAnn has a BS in Business Administration from Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and has completed coursework towards a Masters in Real Estate Development at Arizona State University.



JOHN GAFFIGAN oversees Member Services and Sponsorships, facilitating interaction between members and the organization.  John Gaffigan has led sales teams from start-ups through Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of technologies including Telecom, Datacom, InfoSec, Energy Efficiency, and Conservation Services.   

Schooled in the Jesuit tradition of service for others, John has a life-long passion of advocacy for organizations that improve the human condition.  John was thus drawn to joining LERCPA due to its commitment to help individuals and organizations better steward of our precious natural resources.

John obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross.







TRAVIS HIGH is the Product Strategy Manager and Blog Editor for the development of the Leaders in Energy consulting network, where he applies his skills in project management and communications to build momentum for the Leaders in Energy group. He is also the Program Officer for the Epidemic Alert & Response unit at the Pan American Health Organization, where he successfully mobilizes and manages multi-million dollar programs for disease preparedness, including in the area of environmental risk factors. He has seven years of research and project management experience in the private sector, nonprofit, government and international organization sectors. He has had academic and professional experience with over thirty countries, including time spent in Brazil, Mexico and the UK, and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. His project experience includes Fortune 500 clients in pharmaceuticals, FMCG, travel, logistics and financial services as well as social entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses. Travis is passionate about building multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainability and social responsibility. He holds a BA in International Relations from Ursinus College, MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University and an MBA from Hult International Business School.






SILVIA LEAHU-ALUAS is the Leaders in Energy Director of Sustainable Manufacturing and is the Principal Owner at Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting.  Silvia’s expertise is in helping companies create and maintain a sustainable business.  She has 30 years of technical and managerial experience, primarily in the capital goods industry, and multi-functional competence in sustainable manufacturing, process engineering, sales and operations planning, product lifecycle management, strategic planning, marketing, market intelligence, business development, change and risk management. Silvia is passionate about sustainable manufacturing.  She uses an engineer’s approach to make the concept attractive and practical for the engineering and manufacturing communities.  She is dedicated to the revival of US domestic manufacturing and works within a network of great consultants and organizations to make the circular economy the new model for sustainable and prosperous US industrial regions. She holds an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, major Manufacturing, from the Technical University of Cluj, Romania and an MBA degree, major International Management, from the Indiana University – Bloomington. She is a member of the Sustainable Manufacturer Network and the Union of Concerned Scientists.








TAMAKI STILES is the Financial Analysis and Data Management Adviser for Leaders in Energy. She has over 10 years of experience in financial and business analysis roles, in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. Her experience includes financial models, budgets, economic analysis, and market research. She has served as an analytic role at companies such as ExxonMobil, TD Bank, and Toyota, where she has helped employers prioritize strategic initiatives and improve the accuracy of forecasts. Her work has included analysis of Asian markets for a Japanese think-tank, for businesses looking to expand. She holds a Masters degree in Economics (Macro) from the University of Waterloo, and another Masters in Economics (Labor market policy) from the University of Tokyo.







KERRY WORTHINGTON is the Leaders in Energy writer and reporter for its events.  Kerry is currently employed with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) in the state regulatory space, specifically on multi-state issues.  Transmission system planning and analysis from a policy point of view has been her focus area for several years, and she is growing into the distributed generation area with an eye on environmental topics. She has a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from Towson University.






DR. ELVIN YÜZÜGÜLLÜ is the Leaders in Energy, Director of International Sustainability Programs. Elvin is currently employed as the Renewable Energy Analysis Team Lead at SRA International’s Washington DC Office, an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate-level classes at The George Washington University’s Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department, and a member of Leaders in Energy. She started her career with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Environmental Engineering, which she supplemented with a Doctor of Science degree from George Washington University in Environmental and Energy Management (focusing on hydrogen technologies). Elvin brings a comprehensive, multi-faceted systems view of issues related to the way we create, consume, and manage energy. Throughout her career, she has been involved in analyses of a diverse array of clean energy technologies and issues, including techno-economic evaluations, market penetration analyses, technology deployment planning, and decision-making model development for consensus building. Her extensive experience and interactions with the federal government, national labs, and industry has provided her with detailed knowledge on critical energy issues, as well as the capability to understand and resolve concerns related to divergent stakeholders in the energy industry. Elvin has also been engaged in clean energy-related conferences in various countries, with roles such as keynote speaker, discussion panel moderator, conference organizing committee member, and abstract reviewer.